This "Lab" will never shed, pee or barf on the carpet or require veterinarian visits. It won't chew the woodwork, get in the trash or totally destroy grandma's knickknacks. It never requires training or crating when you're away. It won't jump on your guests or sleep on your couch when you're not looking. It never needs exercise, can be ignored for long periods of time without it barking or whining at you for attention. It will never play in its water dish or confuse the bath tub as its own personal swimming pool. Plus, its one of those ever popular "minature Labs" that seem to be so in demand lately.

If you're looking for the perfect Labrador puppy, then this is what you should get.............Luke the Beanie Baby.

If you however, know that puppies/dogs shed, pee or barf, chew, trash surf, need training to become a good canine citizen, crating when no one can watch it, jump on people unless trained differently, attention and exercise from its people, loves to play in water (including the water dish and mud puddles), weights 60-90# full grown, grows to be about 21 - 24 inches in height, takes about 2 years to fully mature, mentally as well as physically..........then you might be ready for a real Labrador puppy. Labs are wonderful pets, but they aren't for everyone. Please research this breed before buying one.


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