Some common mismarks in Labradors

I collect pictures of Lab mismarks. These are some I have seen or have been sent photos of over the years. All these dogs are purebred Labs and no there is no paint or ink on these dogs.

A good link for learning more about color genetics in Labs. Lab color genetics


Black/Chocolate and Tan / Brindling / Mosiac - Black spots / Chimera / White rings / White spots / Other

Black/Chocolate & Tan


This is a Chocolate & Tan (look at the front legs)
Another chocolate and tan sent to me by the breeder (thanks Carla)
This is a family portrait. The dog on the far left is the father of the dog on the far right. The dog on the left and the dog in the middle have the same sire. Both of these dogs have tan points.
Another adult Black & Tan.




Thanks to Kirsten for this picture of a puppy she produced.
Another brindle (thanks Helen)
The pictures above were generously sent by Lisa.


"Mosiac" coloring


This dog has a black splotch on its hock.  The bottom of the tail also has a splotch due to the fact that the two areas were next to each other in the womb.

Thanks to Kay for this picture
A splash pup with tan. Both parents were AKC Champion yellow Labs.
This is a male purebred with over 75% of his ear covered with black.

Thanks to Kelly for sending these pictures
This is a female purebred.

Thanks to Lynn for sending these pictures
An adorable puppy with a mosiac patch on its face.

Black Spots

This is the black spotted puppy I produced in 1999.

Someone sent me a picture of their own black spotted puppy. (thanks Mary) See it there on its neck?

  Another black spot on a pup's head.


Note the little beauty mark on the side of this pup's face. 

Thanks to Stacy for sharing this picture



Chimeras are formed from two separate fertiled eggs that fused into one being. It is a form of mosiac. They may or may not be fertile. Some feel that calico cats are a form of chimera.





Click here for more unusual Lab markings and mismarks



PLEASE NOTE: None of these markings makes a dog unfit as a beloved pet. By the same token, no one should try to classify these markings as rare and charge more for a puppy who has these markings. We get mail daily regarding whether or not someone's dog might be mixed, but sold as purebred, due to some of the markings on their dog. These pictures are here for the sole purpose of education on what might occur on some puppies/dogs.


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