Midnight’s Litter

Born: July 13, 2023

Go home: August 31, 2023

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Black, Yellow & Chocolate Labrador puppies for sale
About the litter

Midnight and Chip are the parents of this litter. Chip is a handsome 80 lbs. chocolate male with a gentle and loyal nature. 

Midnight is a sweet and gentle black female, she weighs about 55 lbs.

About us

At WoodhavenLabs, our meticulous breeding process revolves around producing Labrador Retriever puppies that encompass the perfect balance of health, temperament, intelligence, looks, and a natural desire to retrieve. Our dedicated team of experienced breeders carefully selects parent dogs with a focus on genetic diversity and screening for potential hereditary health issues. 

This approach ensures the offspring inherit robust health and vitality. Additionally, we emphasize nurturing a calm and friendly temperament in our dogs, fostering a strong bond with both humans and other animals. 

Our commitment to promoting intelligence is reflected in our dogs’ quick learning abilities and adaptability. 

As for looks, we take pride in producing Labradors that embody the breed’s classic traits and distinctive charm. Lastly, the innate passion for retrieving is fostered through early exposure to various stimulating activities, encouraging the development of natural hunting instincts in our puppies. 

With decades of experience and our love for the breed, has culminated in the best Labrador Retrievers that embody the epitome of well-rounded companions, trusted friends, and cherished family members.

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