ANNOUNCING "THE MIRACLE OF BIRTH" VIDEOTAPE Intended for all those who want to breed little Fluffy in order to let their children experience the "miracle" of birth, this real-time video tape set can either substitute for home breeding or guide you in making the most of your breeding decision.

And, as an extra added attraction:

The second half of the same bonus tape shows the chagrin of a backyard breeder who was tracked down from her telephone number which was all she ever gave out. This wonderful person would arrange to meet people at local shopping malls where she handed over her 4-5 week-old puppies for $120 each! We were all amazed to find that those 20 puppies she was selling each year all came from the same single bitch and dog.

Yes, if you, or a friend, are considering breeding Fluffy to show children the "miracle" of birth, be sure to get this video and show them the miracle of death at the same time!

We have high hopes for this video, following as it does on the tremendous success of our first effort: "Doit yourself home vasectomy, featuring George "squeaky" Baker," and its sequel, "Doit yourself home explosives mixing, by Bob "lefty" Anderson."

Special to the first five purchasers, one frozen still-born puppy - just wait until you take it home and see how the kids' eyes light up as the pup thaws!!

Copyright 1996, John A. McCormick, President and CEO, Nocturnal Aviation Videos.

Reproduction and distribution of this advertisement in its entirety strongly encouraged.

Phone, e-mail, or postal orders NOT accepted, this tape is sold ONLY in person because I REALLY want to meet you.

So, have you gotten the point?