When You Buy, Ask the Following:

1. Can you see one or more of the parents?
  Yes ___ No ____

2. Will you be given a minimum 3 generation pedigree?  Yes ___ No ____

3. If advertised as “champion-lines” are the champions within the first 3 generations?  Yes ___ No ____

4. If there a return policy if the puppy doesn’t work out?  Yes ___ No ____

5. Are you able to see the whole pedigree? (provided the litter isn’t over 8 weeks)  Yes ___ No ____

6. Does the breeder acknowledge there are hereditary diseases within the breed?  Yes ___ No ____

7. Does the breeder offer a guarantee against hereditary diseases?  Yes ___ No ____

8. Do the parents of this litter have their health clearances and can you see their certificates?  Yes ___ No ____

9. Are the puppies raised in a home environment?  Yes ___ No ____

10. Are the surroundings clean?  Yes ___ No ____

11. Are you able to take a “tour” of the facilities?  Yes ___ No ____

12. Does the breeder provide you with a record of the inoculations, wormings, etc.?  Yes ___ No ____

13. Are you satisfied with the temperaments of the puppies and/or parents?  Yes ___ No ____

14. Is the breeder charging you extra for the registration papers?  Yes ___ No ____

15. Are you able to talk to the breeder and obtain all of the information you need?  Yes ___ No ____

There should be only one NO answer…#14. If there are more than 3 No answers, your next step is to NOT buy from that breeder. Seek out another.

Please read and find out everything about the breed BEFORE you buy. Find out about the height, weight and faults. You deserve a good representation of the breed, even though you only want a “pet”. The differences between a show and pet puppy will be something very minor; not noticeable to the average person. Your pet puppy should grow up to be a dog that anyone would be proud to own. Even though he/she may not grow up to be a champion, in the eyes of the public, he should look like one.