July 7, 2001

Darby is recovering extremely well. I need to call Dr. K next week and find out what he wants us to do next.

happy wet dogDarby is swimming just about every other day. She still has weakness in that leg though. Its not as strong as it was. She tires easily if using it a lot. I can see it in her swimming and the way she uses it as she's trotting back to the van afterwards. I'm not sure what else I can do to strengthen the leg. That's why I need to call Dr. K.

I took her to agility practice last night. We went slow and she only jumped low (10 inch) jumps. She was not allowed to do the A-Frame. I was amazed at the smile on this dog's face during her workout. She was so happy to be doing something again, even if she could only go half speed.

I'm not sure I was suppose to do this with her, but I figured it was no worse than what she was doing around the house and at the lake. I watched her carefully and she didn't limp. Yes she tired out sooner than she used to, but it didn't seem to hurt the leg. For that I'm thankful.

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