June 15, 2001

darby relaxingWell thankfully Darby is ok. I've watched her for a few days now and I don't see any sign of limping.

I've been taking her to her lake and she zips around running here and there. Sometimes she trots for a few steps and that's when I really watch her. You can see more of a dog's gait when they're trotting. No mis-steps. No limping. I'm still not happy with the amount of muscling in that leg, but we'll continue to work on that.

You would think with all the swimming and running she's doing, her thigh muscle would be rock hard by now. Nope. She's still soft as jello.

Of course, I am comparing it to the other leg. Maybe Darby's muscling is so profound in the other leg that anything less seems wrong and soft.

Maybe I need to take her down in a month to Dr. K's so he can examine her. I see a bit of turning in at the hock which is usually a sign of a weak rear. Of course, looking at gait and evaluating different rears and the way the work is what I do (showing dogs). Maybe I'm just more aware of it than the normal person would be.

I'm just thankful she suffered no ill effects of being rammed by Stevie. Thank you Jesus.

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