June 10, 2001

Kill me now. I think I just had heart failure. Dr. K called last week and told me to continue doing what I'm doing with Darby. She can run about 100 yards or so at a time and do all the swimming she wants. He said she can't do enough swimming.

I've been taking her every day to her lake and letting her run around the field on the way down to the lake. She usually runs around a bit, jumps in the water, comes out and runs around a bit more. Once we reach the part where she is allowed to swim, I throw the bumper and let her swim for about 30 minutes. I throw the bumper and she goes out to retrieve it then comes up on shore to deliver it to my hand. Then we do the routine over and over again.

darby coming out of the closed chuteI've been taking her to agility class also and letting her do easy stuff. The closed chute, the dog walk; easy things like that.

Well today, all the dogs were in the yard. Stevie and Shanny were playing with their piece of rope. Darby had a tennis ball. I knew she wanted me to throw it for her, but she's not ready for the stopping and turning after getting the ball. She was getting antsy and dancing around in front of me.

Suddenly she took off on a butt-tuck zooming around the yard. I thought to let her run a bit then call her off to rest. What I didn't expect is for Stevie to stop playing with Shanny and take off after Darby. Before I could open my mouth to shout, Stevie caught up to Darby and rammed her on the side of the TPLO leg. I shouted Stevie's name and she backed off. Oh sweet Jesus, I think I saw Darby take a miss-step.

She danced around me so it was hard to determine if indeed she was limping or not putting full weight on the leg. I didn't hear a yelp which is a good thing, but I pray to God that she's not re-injured.

Right now she's laying on the floor next to her mother. Dear God, I am so frightened right now.Just when you think you're seeing the end the possibility of having to go through it again looms in front of you.

I don't see any sign of limping so maybe she didn't do any damage. I'm praying that's the case.

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