May 8, 2001

What a year this has been. We lost Darby's grandma Robin a year ago today and less than 12 hours later Darby went into labor and had 7 puppies, two of which were stillborn.

darby & boomerThis year hasn't been easy, what with the loss of Robin, Darby's 2 stillborn puppies and her injury. We will however, survive. With the grace of God and His guidance and wisdom, we will survive.

Darby is feeling much better. I took her for a walk on the flexi-lead last night and she trotted quite a bit on the lead and there were no missteps. She was strong on the rear and showed no sign of any pain. Afterwards, she showed no stiffness.

I took her swimming today on the lake I found and let her run a bit on the way back to the car. Once again, I watched her movement closely and noticed no signs of missteps. I am amazed at the strength of this dog. I wish I were as brave as she.

I had all the dogs out in the yard to groom them and the door bell rang so I went to answer it. When I came back Darby was chasing Shanny around the yard. I called her off and watched her trot back to me. Again, no sign of lameness.

I try to not let her tear out the door into the yard, rather have her go out slowly with me. Once we get off the deck and into the yard I tell her ok to release her a bit. She's been told "whoa" or "no" for so long she looks at me in confusion when I finally do release her. Rarely does she just take off and run. I don't think she believes me.

I call Dr. K at the end of the month to report on Darby's progress. I think, unless something disastrous occurs that I will be reporting good news.

Thank you Lord Jesus for your blessings. Without you there would be no way I could have survived this past year.

Rest well Robin. Mama misses you.

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