May 30, 2001

I'm waiting to hear back from Dr. Kerstetter, possibly for the last time. I called him yesterday and left a voice mail since it's been 4 weeks since we last talked. I fully expect him to release Darby from his care. What a miracle that will be.

darby relaxingShe is doing so well. I know I have been saying this for awhile, but she is just remarkable. Leaping and jumping and playing like a normal dog. No limping no matter what she does.

I had the jumps up in the backyard and was running Shanny and Stevie through them. Darby was out in the yard later and just sailed over the jumps on her own. In one instance I was horrified that she did it, but in awe of her athletic ability. I watched her closely and she didn't limp at all afterwards. Maybe she really is ok.

I will ask Dr. K about agility. I'm sure he will say go for it, but the thought of it makes me nervous. The A-frame needs so much power from a dog's rear to get up and over, I'm afraid she'll hurt something. I'm sure she has no fear which makes me anxious for her. J

Since she has delayed coming into season, I will also ask if we should still skip a season to breed her or go ahead with this one. I'm inclined to wait a season, but will wait and see what he says.

What a remarkable journey this has been. Reminds me a bit of a Grateful Dead song which states in part, "Sometimes the lights all shining on me, Other times I can barely see, Lately it occurs to me, What a long strange trip it's been".

That about sums it up.

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