May 1, 2001

What a difference a month makes. Whew. Hopefully this month will continue as the last, with Darby's complete recovery.

After getting the word from Dr. K, we took Darby swimming at that little lake we found. She was thrilled to be out and about in the world. Poor thing shook all the way there. I think she thought she was going to the vet again.

darby swimmingOnce at the park, I slipped the flexi-lead over her head and you could tell she sensed something different. She hasn't had a flexi on since before the injury. She stuck her head out of the van and looked around. I told her she could jump down and she did. I tried to guide her so she wouldn't catch a leg on the crate but I wasn't needed.

Funny girl leaped up on the air once before I was able to get her back under control. She had to have smelled the water because she started right for it. We walked slowly toward the water and I'm surprised she listened and actually walked slow.

I tossed the bumper in the water and it didn't take her long to figure out it was her I was encouraging to go in after it. She leaped in. ACK! A definite no-no. Part of the problem might have been the mucky bottom of the lake, but she was suppose to walk in after it.

darby swimmingShe went out and retrieved the bumper and smiled all the way coming out of the lake to bring it to my hand. I tossed it again and she pulled the flexi-lead right out of my hand into the water with her. If I hadn't have let go, she would have pulled me head first into the lake.

darby swimmingI tossed the bumper maybe 5-7 times for her before we called it quits. She was one happy Lab. She shook water and grinned. She tried a butt tuck on the way back to the van, but I was ready for her and was able to hold her in.

She slept peacefully all night in her wicker bed.

Today I took her for her walk and let her trot a bit. I decided to let her decide on her pace and she walked for about 10 yards, then broke into a trot for a few, back down to a walk, then trotted again.

I could tell she was getting a bit tired, so we cut the walk a bit short and headed home at a slow walk. She's asleep at my feet now.

Looking down at her, I could swear for an instant, I thought I saw her smile.

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