April 5, 2001

Today has been a wild day on the emotions.

First of all, the strength and power of my dog doesn't cease to amaze me. Yesterday, she decided she wanted up on the couch with the spouse. She put her front legs on the couch which prompted him to push back on her chest to deny her. Darby very swiftly put her surgically repaired leg up on the couch and used it to push her body up on the couch to sit next to him.

I sat watching this in horror and awe. All I could think of was what she's doing to hurt that leg. However, the pure power and strength awed me. She never yelped, she never gave any indication that pushing her body up with that leg hurt her at all.

Once she was up, there didn't seem any reason to put her back down off the couch so the little snot got her way. (again) She laid there most of the evening, alternating between watching TV and rolling and sleeping on her back.

Later in the evening I took her for her walk and she showed absolutely no signs of problems with the leg. We made it to the far corner and back and no limping or tiredness. She is progressing remarkably. Now I just have to somehow convince her she's not ready for what she feels she is.

On a somber note the Doberman Cobra on the orthodogs list who was having such trouble with the TPLO, re-fractured her leg and was put to sleep. Poor Cobra had her screws mess up after her surgery a couple of times and had to be re-operated on. Her leg kept having problems healing and now with this latest setback, her owner didn't want to put her through any more. A horrible reminder of what can go wrong with this and any surgery. Rest well Cobra.


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