April 4, 2001

Glad she hasn't a care in the world
My sweet, outgoing, lovable mush of a dog has been traumatized, I'm afraid. Today I was taking Darby for her walk and someone came up to talk to us. Darby ran to the opposite end of the leash and was very afraid of the person. She wouldn't go near the person though they were non-threatening and talking softly to her.

I think the ordeal of what she went through with the surgery has broken her trust of people. This scared, frightened dog was nothing like the "love me, let me sit in your lap" dog she was before the surgery. Since she's been taking it easy around the house, she hasn't really seen anyone out in the real world except the vets.

Now besides the trauma of overcoming the TPLO and the physical side of it, we have to try and overcome the trauma she suffered psychologically at the hands of strangers. I pray this is not permanent. If it is, this will end her agility career for sure.

Sometimes it seems it will never end.

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