April 25, 2001

Well poop. I called Dr. K's office today since its been a month since our last visit. At that time he told us to call him in a month and he would advise us as to moving up in Darby's recovery to more normal walks and even allowing some trotting. I was advised by Leigh Anne his vet tech to continue with the slow walks for a few more weeks then call back again.

darby being happyI have to admit I'm disappointed. I was hoping that we could move up to Phase 3 of her recovery. As it is now I have a stranglehold on her as we're walking. She wants to move out more. She wants to trot and walk at a more normal pace. She's feeling pretty good these days and its going to be difficult to convince her to stay at the slower pace.

I think both of us is getting impatient. Oh well, we'll continue at the snail's pace and try to grin and bear it.

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