April 10, 2001

Darby's doing very well. She seemed to have pepper up her butt today. On our walk she kept wanting to trot and I had to pull her back and ask her to slow down. I'm thrilled and thank God that she's doing so well.

darby looking cuteI can't wait to be able to just let her trot during our walks and to walk a bit faster. I'm hoping that when I call the vet at the end of the month he'll give me the ok to let her swim a bit too.

I had Shanny out at Betty's swimming on Sunday. It was about 67 degrees out and all I could think about was how much the swimming would help her.

When I squeeze her thigh muscles they still seem a bit soft to me. I don't think they will harden up much until she's able to do more than walk. I certainly don't want to push her and end up harming her, but I know I'm bored with the walking I can only imagine how bored Darby is.

Soon, Darby, soon.

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