March 29, 2001


We are officially in phase two of recovery! Dr. K took x-rays of Darby this morning and was very pleased. I just stood there and grinned. He used such words as "fantastic", "outstanding", "model patient", "perfect", "best I've seen" "impressed" to describe what he saw on the x-rays. I just stood there and grinned like an idiot. ;-)

We can very slowly start walking. He asked me how far I had been going with her and I told him we haven't done anything. He asked if I'd just been taking her out to potty and back and I said "yes that's what you told me to do". He laughed and remarked that not everyone listens to him. I laughed and told him that I don't want to do this again and having been through it myself, I listen and do what I'm told. He turned back to the x-rays and said that was evident.

So anyway, we can start walking very slowly. Starting at 1/4 mile and working up to a mile in the next 4 weeks. I'm to call him in 4 weeks and let him know how she's doing. However, if I see any limping I am to call him immediately.

He had a pet physical therapist there with him to watch Darby and they were both impressed with her range of motion. When she sits, she sits square which hardly ever happens this early, he told us. I just stood there and grinned. I did tell the pet therapist to get a pool. Dr. K laughed and said they are seriously considering building one since I'm not the only one complaining though I do complain the most and the loudest. Hey they can name it the "Darbysownerwouldn'tquitbitchin'" pool. Has a nice ring to it, eh?

I asked about the "knuckle popping sound" and he thought that it was just the tendon moving against the bone which happens sometimes. He ruled out any damage to the meniscus since she wasn't limping.

I walked out of there on a cloud. I was so happy I didn't even notice that the receptionist charged me for the x-rays though I had paid for them in advance when Darby had surgery. The vet tech had to tell me and they took the charges off.

When we hit the parking lot, I let out a loud whoop. Darby must have caught my excitement because she leapt in the air. I was like "no no don't do that" and hurried her to the van.

I got maybe a mile down the road before it all hit me and I burst into tears. Thank you Jesus for answering my prayers.

When we got home, I left my purse and stuff in the van and even though it was drizzling rain I took Darby for a short walk to the woods near my house. She started to pull about halfway there. She hasn't been there in so long. She wanted to take off running, but I hauled her back in the opposite direction towards home. She started to smile which made me smile.

Right now she's sacked out on her orthobed, sawing logs. She's had a big day.

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