March 28, 2001

Tomorrow is our big day. I'm excited, but apprehensive. I pray to God that our news will be positive.

darby& buddiesDarby seems to be feeling fine. Little Miss Darby-BadDog jumped up on the spare bed twice the other day. Its gotten to the point where I cannot even use the restroom without her sneaking off to find the comfortable spot on the bed. I don't think there have been any ill effects of this, but she still worries me.

I did hear a "popping knuckle" sound a couple of times yesterday when she got up from squatting to pee. It hurt me to hear it. This is what does worry me. I pray she hasn't damaged her meniscus. I have to make sure I ask Dr. K about this tomorrow.

I feel similar to how I did the night before her surgery. Jittery, not able to concentrate, feeling very much out of it. This day is not going to be easy for me. Hopefully, I can sleep tonight.

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