March 25, 2001

It's pretty nasty in MI today. Darby didn't get out in the backyard because of the snow. I'm sure she would have volunteered to go out in it, but I didn't want to take any chances of her slipping. So we confined our potty breaks to the dog run again.

OrthoDogs Web RingThis has still been a productive day. Someone on the Orthodogs list mentioned that it would be nice if somehow we could link our ortho-information pages, such as this diary, together to help those looking for information. Because of this great suggestion, the new OrthoDogs Web Ring is born. Hopefully, there will be plenty of sites which discusses what's its like to be going through this ordeal and information others might use to help them make the difficult decision on what to do.

I know when Darby was first injured how much the other pages I found helped me decide that she just had to have the TPLO. Then after Darby had the TPLO, it was encouraging to read other's pages who had been through it before and know that what we were going through was normal.

Thank you Lord for another opportunity to help others through this website.

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