March 24, 2001

Heavenly Father:

I come to you in thanks for using Darby and I to help others. Though I have been selfish and complaining throughout this ordeal, I see now that this injury glorifies You.

That others have come to my website for guidance when facing their own cruciate injuries with their dogs, defies my limited scope of vision. I thank You and praise You for the gift of writing that you gave me. I thank You and praise You for the gift of being able to do a website such as this.

I am thankful that Darby and I are able to be helpful to others. I know when I faced the difficult decisions on what to do, that other websites were a blessing. That my own would become such a website so quickly, is amazing.

I guess I shouldn't be amazed. Everything in my life is guided by You. I might not always understand, but I know You have a plan for us. It is hard for me to sometimes quit fighting and say "Your will Lord". When I do is usually the time that things all make sense, finally. Thank you dear Jesus.


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