March 22, 2001

darby wagging her tailGod Bless her, I think I made Darby the happiest labbie on earth today. The snow is disappearing in the backyard and I noticed a lot of old poop piles throughout the yard. Since it was sunny and relatively nice out for Michigan in March (38 degrees) I put Murphys purple choke collar and purple nylon 6 ft. lead on Darby and took her out with the others. I hooked my hand through the lead and didnt let her wander far from me.

She and I walked slowly through the yard looking for poop piles. While I stopped to clean them up, she stood and watched the others run around the yard. I kept an eye on her in case she tried to take off after them. Only once I felt her gather herself to explode into a run, and I tightened the lead and told her no. She immediately relaxed and continued to follow behind me at a sedate walk.

I watched her closely while she was walking with me and I didnt notice any limping. I think this was the first time shes been on grass since the initial injury. I think she forgot how to potty on grass. Shes only been on the pea gravel since becoming injured. Im sure once shes given the ok, shell remember pretty quickly.

I cant wait for the appointment with Dr. K a week from today. Im very anxious to hear how were doing.

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