March 19, 2001

Darby is doing remarkably well. Sheís still scaring me, but the alternative isnít pleasant to think about either.

darby relaxing with murphyAnother dog on the Orthodog list had its screws back out or break off. I donít even want to read about that anymore. Its too scary.

Darby did limp a bit the other day, but that was the day her Aunt Neaner visited and Darby probably did a little bit too much. She seemed fine the next day.

I went to the Detroit Kennel Club show on the 17th and Leigh Ann, Darbyís Vet Tech was there manning a booth for MVS. I talked with her a bit and told her how Darby was doing. I also mentioned the problems the other dogs were having with the TPLO screws and she told me not to worry. That Darby is doing fine if sheís not limping or showing problems.

that's gotta hurtI also told her about the jumping on the bed and she didnít seem too concerned. It was a load off my mind. Thank you Jesus.

I wonít feel 100% relieved until Darbyís appointment with Dr. K on the 29th.

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