March 1, 2001

Darby is making me cry. Oh, she seems to be continuing on her recovery. Its just that I know what kind of dog she was before she was injured and its making me sad.

Darby is learning to only lay on her orthobed during the day. She will follow me about the house sometimes, and I have to hustle her back to the bed. This is good, right? Depends on how you look at it.

I remember the vibrant, active dog who would have rebelled at this forced rest. I remember the dog who had springs for legs. I remember the dog who used to tear around my house playing with Shanny.

darbyNow I see a dog who just lays there. Oh I know, I know this is what she needs and must have but seeing her like this breaks my heart. Some days I wonder if sheíll ever be the outgoing fully charged dog of old and I am sad for her.

Other than this she is doing very well. Iím still having a hard time getting her to quit her wiggling when she wags her tail. She leaped up to put her front paws on my waist this morning as I was putting her outside. I hurriedly put her paws back on the floor and scolded her for jumping up. It didnít bother her a bit and she just started to wiggle. Hopefully this forced rest hasnít broken her spirit.

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