February 9, 2001

Darbyís urine is back to normal. Iíve been watching and she isnít going as often and it looks perfectly normal. No more clots or streaks of blood.

Sheís obviously feeling better too. I stopped the Keflex and some of the rash is disappearing. Poor thing still has a couple of good hot spots above the tail area. I switched from the Bag Balm to Gold Bond powder on the sores. She was licking off the Bag Balm and the powder doesnít taste very good. Hopefully it will dry it up soon. She keeps wanting to bite at it. I can only imagine how itchy it is.

on bedIíve let her out of the crate today. Sheís laying on the ortho bed today and not doing too much. It must make her feel a bit more normal to be out of the crate. Iím leaving the crate open in case she wants to go back in on her own. When Iím not home to watch her, sheíll remain in the crate. I donít want her jumping on the couch yet.

The PT and flexing is going slow. The leg shakes badly when I flex it. I know I have to be hurting her a bit. I wonder how long the limp will be there. Iím thinking probably at least a few more months.

So far Shanny has been very good and not bothered her too badly. Could my Shanny actually be growing up? Wouldnít that be a treat. The other dogs have been laying with her most of the day. Its amazing how they realize that sheís ailing and have changed their behavior accordingly.

We go back to the surgeon on the 15th. Iím anxious to hear officially how sheís doing.

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