February 6, 2001

Weíre 1 week post TPLO. Only 7 more to go until she can start to go for walks again. This week has flown by. Poor thing still has blood in her urine and the swelling at the surgery site is still pretty pronounced.

I pray sheís doing ok. Not having been through this before, I wonder if we are or if arenít. How would I know?

She seems relatively alert. I donít see her shivering like I did the first couple of days. I quit the T4 on Saturday and gave her an EtoGesic tablet yesterday. Iím suppose to give her one of those per day for 10 days. Though the EtoGesic is suppose to be better than the Rimadyl, I donít feel comfortable with it either. After reading http://www.srdogs.com/Pages/etogesic.html what I could about the EtoGesic, I asked my vet if I could just give her an Ascriptin tablet twice a day. He agreed.

I went in to my regular vet Gregg Reese today and returned the x-rays that his associate Carolyn Ayers had taken of Darbyís leg for the diagnosis. I also dropped off a report from Dr. K describing what he did for Darby. While there I asked about the urine culture and Gregg said that nothing was growing on the culture so Darby doesnít have a UTI. He seems to think itís probably the drugs she was on and a combination of having to hold her urine for a long time while at the clinic. Hopefully, the irritation will heal soon and that will be back to normal.

Sheís got a red irritated area just above the tail where they shaved her. It kinda looks like razor burn. Iíve been putting http://www.bagbalm.com Bag Balm on the irritation and it seems to help. Hopefully she wonít lick it off. I love that Bag Balm. It works for so many different things, I canít see ever being without it.

darby belly upThe flexing and physical therapy is going well. She doesnít seem to mind too much, though Iím sure it aggravates her a bit. She is so tense when I start the flexing I have to speak softly to her the whole time until she relaxes. I wish we had a heated pool nearby where she could do hydro-therapy. Might be a good field to look into when Iím done with her. Hmmmmmm.


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