February 5, 2001

Well Darby’s urine isn’t any better today. I took a sample into my local vet for a culture. I should know by tomorrow morning what is going on.

He called me a bit ago and wondered if it wasn’t the Tylenol #4 causing the bleeding. Darby is and has been on 750 mg. of Keflex since the surgery. You wouldn’t think an infection could get a toehold.

She’s doing rather well. I called Dr. K this morning and made the 2 week appointment. She goes on February 15. I’ll be anxious to hear how they think she’s doing.

darby belly upPoor baby has lots of swelling in the knee. She’s been wanting to put the foot down when she walks which I let her. I just keep her foot up when we negotiate the steps. She usually hops out on the stones, squats normally then hops back to me.

The vet tech on duty told me I can start her physical therapy today. Its been 6 days since the TPLO and they usually recommend starting after 5 days. I am scared I’ll hurt her. I don’t want to cause her any pain, but I will do it anyway.

I have hot packs and cold packs from my own surgery. I heated the hot pack in the microwave for 2 ˝ minutes then brought Darby out of the crate to lay on the bed that Murphy has taken over. For 10 minutes we sat together, letting the heat warm the muscles. Then for 5 minutes I straightened and bent the leg, slowing working the joint like she was swimming. Poor thing shook most of the time. We went very slow and once she relaxed some, the joint seemed a bit more flexable.

After the flexing, I brought out the cold pack and cooled her down for another 10 minutes. I have to do this 3 times a day for 3 weeks. I’m not sure what I’m suppose to do after the 3 weeks, but we’ll worry about that after we get this done.


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