February 4, 2001

Today it seems that the swelling in the leg might be going down some. When I put the sling on her I noticed that she’s putting the leg down a bit more too. Maybe everything will be ok.

Yesterday her urinary tract infection was worse. She is peeing great streams of blood now. You can see the blood drip a bit on the ground and the clots passing. Besides having to pee more often, it doesn’t seem to be bothering her.

I called the vet to ask about it, wondering if the urinary catheter they used during surgery might have caused an irritation. I was surprised to learn from Dr. K that they didn’t use one. He had no idea why she was having trouble with this at this time. He said to call back on Monday if she is still having problems with blood in the urine. At this point, I think I’ll be calling tomorrow.

If she’s still having problems I’ll take her to my regular vet for a urine culture. You wouldn’t think she would have a UTI when she’s on 750 mg of Keflex 3 times a day. Maybe the culture will tell us what kind of antibiotic will kill whatever is going on in there.

darby with a boneThank goodness for Kongs and bones. She’s been enjoying the stuffed Kongs and today is gnawing on a big soup bone I bought from the grocery store. I was suppose to pick up 3 huge knuckle bones from IKM today, but its snowing and the roads aren’t the best. I’ll try again tomorrow.

So far Darby hasn’t slipped on the snow while going outside. I keep reminding her to go easy and slow. She still keeps her leg up and hops when she’s outside. Her and I are getting pretty good at getting her out without problems. Today she was a bit quick going down the stairs and I had to remind her to slow down and wait for me.

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