February 26, 2001

Darby is putting all her weight on the leg even when standing. My biggest concern is when she is happy about something, her whole butt wiggles when she wags her tail. When she wiggles she almost dances back and forth on her hind legs. I'm forever grabbing her and telling her to quiet wiggling. Hard to keep a happy dog from wagging its tail. ;-)

So far, she's kept pretty quiet laying on her orthobed most of the day. She's even learned what "wait Darby while I put the others out" means. She'll wait on the orthobed until the others are in the house and I come over to put the lead on her. Every once in awhile she grab a toy on the way out and wiggle a bit which makes me nervous.

Sunday morning it was 50 degrees when we woke up and she almost exploded from sheer pleasure while in the dog run. She was on the cement slab and gathered herself and leaped into the air. 50 degree weather is what we call "Labrador weather" where Labs feel their best. Thankfully I still had her on leash and she didn't get to leap too far. She's just so darned athletic she can gather herself and leap without effort.

We don't go back to our surgeon until March 29 for our x-rays. Hopefully he'll have some good news for us and we can start the short walks.

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