February 24, 2001

I havent had much new to write about. Darby seems to be doing well. I worry about the leg healing. I pray that it is healing.

There is another dog on the orthodogs list that might have their screws backing out in their leg. This one is 5 weeks post-surgery. Oh dear Lord, I pray that Darbys are holding.

darbyShe worries me that she is walking all the time on the leg. She limps every once in awhile, but for the most part she is putting full weight on the leg. Shes keeping relatively quiet though I know shes bored to tears. She lays quietly on her orthobeds and sleeps most of the day. She will follow me around the house a bit and I have to hurry her back to the orthobed and make her lay down.

Today we have freezing rain and Im very scared. Im afraid shes going to slip on the ice out in the run. Im going to have to start using her sling again to steady her. If she slips, Im sure shell damage the surgery site.

Its suppose to be warmer tomorrow so hopefully everything will melt. The next 12 hours are going to be very dicey around here.

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