February 20, 2001

Darby seems to be doing very well. She has good days and bad days and I’m sure most of it is determined by the weather. Yesterday wasn’t so good, but it was cold and damp. Today she seems better and its sunny.

darbyIf you look closely at the turkey leg, you can see hair is starting to grow. I noticed it yesterday when I looked at her scar. There is hair starting to cover it.

The hot spots seem to be drying up. They’ve scabbed over and there aren’t any new ones to report.

She’s taken to following me all over the house. We’ve been through a lot and I guess she considers me a good buddy now. Shanny is dying to play with her like she used to, but that’s still many, many months off.

I tried to watch the AKC agility nationals on TV last night, but couldn’t. It was too depressing. Though I know the doctors are pleased with her progress, I look at her and just can’t see her being able to do agility again. They have more experience with this than I do and maybe they’re right and I’m wrong. I hope so.

She has made remarkable progress for only being 3 weeks post TPLO. I have to remember how little time has actually passed for her to be so far. I hear about so many dogs having problems post-surgery that I do count my blessings. So far so good and thank you God for that.

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