February 2, 2001

It sure didn’t take long. Our days are becoming routine. Darby and I are getting the hang of this leash and sling thing. Thank goodness for the agility commands. "Up, stop, 1 step, stop, wait, good, let’s go." I should write the agility club we trained with and thank them again for training us. <laughs> Little did they know I'd be using the commands for this.

She’s resting pretty comfortably today. The sun is shining on her in the crate today and she’s spread out enjoying it.

I gave her her first raw bone today. It was a hit. She worked on it for about an hour, enjoying every bit. I had put a stuffed Kong in there earlier and she had worked on it for a bit, but not very enthusiastically. When I opened the crate door to give her the bone, Shanny stuck her head in and stole the Kong. She had a blast with it and hid behind the chair for about an hour. She’s sleeping it off now too.

The fluid is still in the hock and the turkey leg has a lot of blood under the surface. All normal things and what I expected. She’s still holding the leg up and just using it to balance herself when we stop on our way outside. I feel better about this. Her wanting to use it when we picked her up scared me.

She is a good girl so far. I think God for that.

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