February 18, 2001

One of the gals on the Orthodogs list is having problems with her dogís TPLO. The wound keeps leaking and the dog doesnít seem to be doing well. I thank God for his blessing in my not having that problem after Darbyís surgery. It just goes to show you what can happen with surgery.

Darby is doing fairly well. Today seems to be a down day for her. Sheís been pretty quiet and not real spunky. Oh Iím not complaining since its been hard to keep her quiet lately. I am concerned that sheís not feeling well though.

Its been cold these past few days and I wonder if the cold isnít bothering her leg. Of course, it couldnít be the leaping up on the bed she did this morning while I had my back turned. I hate to crate her again 24/7 since I think she gets to use the leg more this way, but I certainly donít want her doing damage either.

Tomorrow night the AKC Agility Nationals are on TV. I donít think Iím going to watch it. Iíve been a bit down for a few days. Iím not sure I could watch without it really bothering me. I sound selfish, donít I? Here I am complaining about my dog not being able to do agility right now, and many people are worried about their love onesí lives. I donít mean to sound selfish or sound as if Iím feeling sorry for myself. Iím not or at least I donít mean to be.

I guess Iíve never dealt with down time well, whether it was my own or now one of my dogís. Plus Iím worried about Shanny. Tomorrow is her 2nd birthday and OFA x-ray time. I donít anticipate problems, but I wonder with the luck Iíve been having lately. Guess weíll know more tomorrow. Tonight Iíll try and play Scarlet OíHara and just keep repeating "Tomorrow is another day".

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