February 1, 2001

Darby did pretty well during the night. She started to whine pretty bad at 1 AM so I took her outside and she peed a stream. She slept again until feeding time at 5 AM. There was no keeping her quiet after that. Her appetite is back and she ate a full bowl of food. Afterward she peed again. She looked to me like she had to poop too, as she normally does after eating in the morning but I don’t think she could quite figure out how to get in the right position. So I just took her back in and we went back to bed until 7.

She is definitely on 3 legs today. The incision bled a bit during the night and I heard her lick it a couple of times, but she stopped when I told her to "quit licking". That command is going to come in handy I just know it.

There is also some fluid build up in the hock area. The surgery site itself doesn’t look too bad. There is some swelling, but I’ve been putting ice packs on it to try and control it. There is some bruising showing up too. Plus it looks like some blood is under the skin. I was warned about this from the fine people on the orthodog list, so I’m not concerned.

I noticed today at about noon that there was blood around her vulva after peeing. Poor baby looks like she has a bladder infection from the catheter. I’m very happy she’s on antibiotics. Looks like we’re going to need them.

our dog runI’m also thrilled and thank God we put in the dog run when we built this house 15 years ago. It certainly is a Godsend. We use it as the main potty area for the dogs. They know that when they’re out there that this is where they are suppose to go. I tell Darby we’re going outside and she heads for the door leading to the garage. I lift her via the sling so she doesn’t bump her leg on the small stairs and she walks down the stairs to the door off the garage that leads to the run. Once out there I can unclip the line from her collar and we walk out on the pea gravel a few steps and I release the sling. She goes out on the stones and does her business. I tell her to wait and she stops and waits for me to come to her and reclip the line on her collar and fit her middle with the sling. Then we reverse ourselves and go back into the house. I can’t imagine trying to get her to potty on a short line in the backyard.

I tried the towel to help guide her rear, but a couple of times it slipped out of my hands and I was afraid I would hurt her. So I started thinking of what else to use. I decided on an old tote bag slit along the side seams. It opens up and I can slip it around her middle and then grab the handles. With it I can lift her up slightly when we get to the stairs.

The other girls are jealous of the attention Darby is getting, but they’ll get over it. They better, anyway.

I have to laugh, sometimes Darby shivers in her crate and I figure its probably due to the pain. Just in case she’s a bit cold I have an old blanket that I wrap her in to keep her toasty. Well, just now I took it out so I could put the ice pack on her and Boomer, her own mother came over to lay on the blanket that is now on the floor. What a brat. I hate to move her but Darby comes first right now.

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