January 31, 2001

darby's turkey legOh my goodness! Darby is home shaved to the skin and her leg looks like a plucked turkey leg. My poor girl.

Leigh Ann the vet tech sat down with us when we went to pick Darby up. She went through everything that we need to do for the next couple of weeks until Darby has to go back for a checkup. We went over her medication regime, what to look for in the leg and how she should progress. Its mind-boggling.

Heres the handout they gave me http://www.woodhavenlabs.com/aftercare.html.

When Leigh Ann brought Darby out I was shocked to see her actually putting her foot down as she walked. I never expected that and Leigh Ann said to let her if she felt like it. Leigh Ann also thought she would probably do better today and tomorrow she would be feeling the pain more. Darby is still probably drugged up which is why she might be wanting to use the leg. Scares me to death, I swear.

darby's incisionShe doesn't have stitches. They are inside and will dissolve in time. It sure looks better than the incision I received for my first knee surgery.

Shes been whining off and on. Im not sure exactly why. If its pain or not. She looks very swollen so I just put a cold pack on her leg. First I put a towel over the leg, then laid the cold pack on top of that. Hopefully it will do her some good.

She ate a small bit upon coming home and drank a bit of water. Thankfully shes now sleeping peacefully.

Shanny has also been good. I wonder how long that will last. Shannys not known for her good behavior.

Its very difficult getting her outside to potty. The towel sling hurts my back, but I have no choice. Im sure somehow well figure this out and get smoother at the transaction but right now Im frustrated.

Thankfully, I have my faith in God to guide me. Plus the orthodog list and the Lab board people to rely on. Im going to need all of them to get through this long haul.

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