January 30, 2001

It was so terribly hard leaving Darby at the clinic this morning. As we sat there and I rubbed her head, I noticed she was shivering in fright. I tried to keep my thoughts neutral so she wouldn’t sense my own fear. I don’t think I was successful. So many times I thought to run out of there and take her with me. However, I couldn’t. Now I know how my own parents felt when I had the first of my knee surgeries at age 14.

The day seemed so long. I’m not normally a clock watcher, but I sure watched it crawl by today. I called at 1:00 and was told that Darby’s surgery was scheduled for 3:00 and it would take approx. 3 hours to complete. I would give them until 6:30 before I would call them again.

As the clock ticked closer and closer to 6:00 my nerves got tighter and tighter. Please God, guide Dr. K’s hand.

Dr. Kerstetter called at about 6:20 and not a moment too soon. Darby made it through the surgery very well. He found just about what he expected. She had a small tear in the cruciate, about 10% worth. There was no arthritis and no meniscial damage which helps her greatly. Thank God I noticed the injury on the day it happened.

I can pick her up tomorrow at 1:30. She’ll come home on Tylenol #4 and antibiotics. I don’t imagine she’ll be feeling well until the weekend at least. My poor baby.

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